Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Our pumpkins.......L had found the 'greastest' pumpkin when we went to the pumpkin patch. Her's had a little accident just before we brought the pumpkins outside after carving them. The crack adds a little character though. She drew the face on all by herself and I carved it out for her.
 E just loved scooping out the seeds. He would scoop out 3 or 4 seeds at a time. I offered to help him but he did not want me to help. He contently scooped almost all of them out by himself.
 Every year I find taking a 'quick' picture before we go out trick or treating is always so rushed and I end of wishing I took more. This year I attempted to take pictures early as we were already going outside to play some Halloween games........I wanted to get a picture of everyone together. Ummm....Ya that was a bit of a challenge. The girls were all for it, E was slightly distracted by the apples hanging from the tree for one of the games we were playing.
 Even though I didn't get the shot I was hoping for, these turned out to be my favourite pictures.

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